Water Meter Installation Tender

The Town of Rockglen has the following tender:

The Town of Rockglen is tendering for the installation of up to 380 Water meters in all buildings supplied with Town water. Successful tender will start the project ASAP and have completed by October 31/17.

  1. Successful applicant must submit a cost breakdown per meter, noting that they should be prepared for different size lines, non-working shut off valves and any other incidentals unforeseen by the Town.
  2. An overall price for the project
  3. All Equipment you have to supply to the completion of this project.

Mail To:
Town of Rockglen
Box 267
Rockglen, SK
S0H 3R0

Envelope marked ”Water Meter Tender”

Tenders will be received at the Town Office until 3:00p.m. Tuesday, April 11, 2017. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Contact the Town Office at 306 476-2144 with any further questions. Successful tender will be notified by mail.

Dated the 24th day of March, 2017
Shannon Ellert, Administrator

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