2017 Rockglen Recycle Calendar

Mark your calendars! Lorras Disposal will pick up curbside recycling from the blue carts on the following Mondays:

  • July 31st
  • August 28th
  • September 25th
  • October 23rd
  • November 20th
  • December 18th

Acceptable Materials

Paper & Cardboard

  • flattened corrugated cardboard and paper (empty cereal boxes , detergent boxes, tissue boxes etc)
  • newspapers, flyers, inserts, junk mail, envelopes
  • magazines, catalogues, telephone books, paperback books, hardcover books with covers and spines removed
  • brown paper bags,tissue roll cores, gift and packing paper, paper egg cartons
  • copier paper, NCR (no carbon required) paper
  • shredded paper will be accepted but must be placed in a clear plastic bag to be easily identified and removed by the recycle centre.

Aluminum & Tin

  • soft drink and beer cans
  • foil trays and pie plates
  • household tin cans ( please rinse)


  • All non- hazardous material containers with triangle logo 1-7 on them (please rinse)
  • plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic wraps

Aseptic Packaging & Cartons

  • Juice and milk cartons ( please rinse)
  • milk jugs
  • tetra-pak containers


  • Styrofoam in block form from packaging is accepted ( no Styrofoam peanuts allowed)


  • household garbage ,organics, or hazardous waste (paint/electronics/oils)
  • waxed, plasticized or food contaminated paper, cardboard cups or plastic plates
  • soiled tissues, napkins or paper towels
  • confetti shredded paper of any kind or loose shredded paper
  • Styrofoam popcorn/peanuts from packaging and shipping materials
  • auto parts and batteries
  • lightbulbs
  • plastic furniture, chemical pails, hazardous goods containers

For more information call Loraas at 306-721-1000 or visit their website.

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