Water Meter Update

Knoss Plumbing and Heating has been busy installing water meters in residential houses throughout
the month of September. They will be getting to every household before the deadline of October 31,

As per Bylaw No. 2-17 Every consumer connected to the Town’s water supply shall have a meter
installed in their home. The Town of Rockglen will absorb the cost of the installation if the installation
is completed within the contractors time frame of October 31, 2017. Every consumer shall provide at
his/her own expense, a place in his /her own premises for the installation of the water meter. The
meter location must be acceptable to the Public Works Department, and shall provide ready and easy
means of access to the said meter for examination by the meter reader. Every consumer shall at all
times properly protect the service pipes and fixtures from frost of other injury so that the meter shall
not in any way be damaged. Every Consumer shall be responsible to the Town for the costs incurred
by it arising out of any damage to such meter from frost or other injury. Water meters shall remain
the property of the Municipality. The Municipality shall be entitled to read the water meters regularly
and / or estimate the water usage.

Where a repair or replacement of a water meter is necessary due to physical damage to the meter
caused by the consumer’s negligence, a new meter is required to be installed by a plumber, and the
Consumer will be charged the cost of the new meter PLUS the cost associated with the plumber to do
the work. The Charge for the new water meter will be invoiced and collected as provided in this
bylaw. Water meters are the property of the Municipality and tampering with the water meter will
result in a fine of $1,000.00 and double the cost of the last billing period to the consumer. Charges
may also be pressed.

Bylaw No. 2-17 Utilities bylaw can be viewed in full at the Town Office, during regular business hours.

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