2019 Utility Billings

Water and sewer rates for 2019 will be as follows:

Water $28.33 per month, Water Infrastructure $10.00 per month.

Sewer $11.66 per month, Sewer Infrastructure $ 5.00 per month.

Recycling will remain the same at $8.00 per month for the blue bin.

Total billing per month will be $62.99= Quarterly $188.97, Yearly $755.88

Please Note that the amount of water allocated will be 6000 gallons per month for 2019.

Water Prepayments for 2019

Prepaid by February 28, 2019, receive a discount of 10% on Water/Sewer Rates only The 2019 Water/Sewer Rates discount is $47.99 Any overages will be billed out at the end of the year billing.

Prepaid amount is $707.89

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