Junked Vehicles

Bylaw No. 3-11 states that: “No person shall cause or permit any junked vehicle to be kept on any land owned by that person.”

Junked Vehicle” means any automobile, tractor, truck, trailer, or other vehicle that either:

  1. Has no valid license plates attached to it; Or
  2. Is in a rusted, wrecked, partly wrecked, dismantled, partly dismantled, inoperative or abandoned condition; and is located on private land, but that:
    a. Is not within a structure erected in accordance with and Bylaw respecting the erection of buildings and structures in force within the Municipality; and
    b. Does not form part of a business enterprise lawfully being operated on that land.

Junked vehicles are a nuisance and a great home for unwanted rodents, such as mice and/ or rats. These vehicles detract from the beauty of our community. If you have an unwanted vehicle in your yard, the Town will remove is at no charge. Please contact the Town Office at 476-2144 to make arrangements for removal.