2018 Waterworks Financial Overview

2018 Annual notice to consumers Drinking Water Quality and Compliance is now complete and available for inspection at the Town Office.

2018 Waterworks Financial Overview

  • Total waterworks revenue for 2018: $157,863
  • Total waterworks expenditures for 2018: $207,959
  • Total debt payments on waterworks infrastructure loans: $0
  •  Comparison of waterworks revenue to expenditures plus debt payments expressed as a ration .76

In 2018 waterworks revenue covered .76 percent of the waterworks expenditure.

There were no waterworks revenue transferred out of the utility. The rates were raised in 2017 to help pay for the capital expenditures and were raised again in 2018.

There is $68,525 in reserves available for waterworks capital infrastructure.

2005 Waterworks System Assessment
2011 Waterworks System Assessment
2015 Waterworks System Assessment
Capital infrastructure plans in place with sources of funding as above.

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