Rockglen Cemetery
The Town of Rockglen owns and manages the Rockglen Cemetery.  Grass cutting, weed removal and tree and shrub pruning services are provided.

Rules listed below outline what lot owners can and cannot do within the cemetery.

Rights and Duties of Lot Owners

  1. No person shall remove the sod from any portion of the lots in the cemetery.
  2. Any person who damages any plot, monument, fence, building or other structure in the cemetery shall be personally responsible to the Town for such damage and shall be guilty of a breech of this Bylaw.
  3. No grave or plot shall be defined by fence, railing, coping, hedge, or by any other marking save by a memorial or marker as provided for in this bylaw.
  4. No trees, flowers, shrubs of similar plant growth shall be placed on any plot int e cemetery. Natural or artificial flowers shall be permitted in holders, vases or other unbreakable approved receptacles secured to the base of the monument.
  5. No person shall place or maintain on any grave any incased design, stands, holders, vases or other objects made of glass.
  6. Any floral arrangements left on a lot but not placed in a permanent receptacle secured tot he base of the monument must be securely attached to the monument of marker.
  7. No trellises of arbors are allowed in the cemetery.
  8. No watering cans or other vessels shall be left in the cemetery.
  9. No trees, shrubs, plants, or flowers of any description shall be removed for the cemetery winless special permission of the Council is first obtained.
  10. The Sexton shall remove form any plot any weeds and grass, funeral design or floral piece which has become wilted, or any other article or thing which is, in his opinion, unsightly.
  11. All persons employed in the erection of monuments or in doing any work on the plots or graves in the cemetery is subject to the direction and control of the sexton or Council, and in the case of any such person or persons refusing to obey the orders or directions of the sexton or Council, the sexton has the power to remove or have removed such person or persons from the cemetery grounds.
  12. The sexton, of anyone under his charge, has the power to remove from the cemetery grounds any person disturbing the quiet or good order of the cemetery by noisy or improper conduct or language, or any person violating any of the rules or regulations of this bylaw.
  13. No person shall give money or other reward to any employee working in connection with the cemetery for their services or attention.
  14. Any grave cover that becomes deteriorated must be replace with sod.

Additional rules apply to monuments and markers.  Read the full by-law.

Plots are available for $200 each plus GST.  Please contact the Town Office for more information.