Curbside Trash Pickup

Curbside trash pickup is provided by the Town of Rockglen.  Residential garbage is picked up on Fridays.  Garbage must be properly tagged and placed on the curb by 8 am.  Commercial garbage is picked up on Tuesday and Thursday after 9 am.

Garbage tags are $1 each and are available at the Town Office during regular office hours.

Items not allowed in the landfill:

  • manure
  • grain
  • bales
  • petroleum wastes
  • slaughter house wastes
  • dead animals
  • propane tanks
  • fuel tanks
  • batteries and other comparable wastes
  • microwaves
  • photocopiers
  • small appliances such as toasters, toaster ovens, blenders
  • tires — must be taken to a designated tire marshaling yard.