Rockglen Landfill

Rockglen Landfill
The Rockglen Landfill accepts garbage and waste materials all year. Hours vary by season and weather conditions.

April Hours:

Tuesday and Saturday
8:00 am to 11:00 am

Rockglen Landfill Fees are as follows:

$ 1.00 per bag
$ 10.00 per half ton load
$ 25.00 per one ton load
$ 70.00 per 2 – 3 ton load
$100.00 per tandem truck load
$200.00 per semi trailer load

Shingles 2x the vehicle rate
Concrete/Bricks/Pavement 2x the vehicle rate

$25.00 Freon Removal Sticker

Electronic items allowed in the trailer at the landfill:

  • desktop computers
  • portable computers
  • computer peripherals (keyboards, mice and trackballs)
  • desktop printers and fax machines
  • tv’s and computer monitors
  • personal or portable audio/video systems
  • vehicle audio/video systems
  • home audio/video systems
  • non-cellular telephones

No charge refuse items:

  • compost (Grass Clippings, Garden Refuse and Leaves) — place on compost pile.  If bagged, the bags must be emptied and removed.
  • tree branches and untreated wood — place on wood pile.
  • metal — place on the metal pile
    • exception 1 — Appliances with freon can be dropped off; however, a $25 freon removal sticker is required.
    • exception 2 — Metal wire cannot be added to the metal pile.  It must be treated as garbage, charged by load and placed with garbage.  The metal recycler will not accept wire.

Items not allowed in the landfill:

  • manure
  • grain
  • bales
  • petroleum wastes
  • slaughter house wastes
  • dead animals
  • propane tanks
  • fuel tanks
  • batteries and other comparable wastes
  • microwaves
  • photocopiers
  • small appliances such as toasters, toaster ovens, blenders
  • tires — must be taken to a designated tire marshaling yard.